GPS 999channels Two way radio SC-880

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1. GPS + measure distance + share locations
2. Night mode
3.Backlight mode
4.Duplex same/different bands transfer
5.Duplex working mode
6. 1.77 inch color LCD screen
7. High capacity polymer Li-on battery
8. Cross-band transfer to achieve long-distance communication applications
9. Priority channel real-time monitoring function
10.Private/Group/All call
11. VOX transmit function
12.High/Middle/Low power(10W/5W/1W)
13. High-bright LED emergency lighting
14.Multi definition for sidekeys
15.Non-standard CTCSS can be set arbitrarily
17.Chinese/English voice guide
18. Chinese/English PC programming software
19. GPS precise timing/stopwatch function
20. Wide/Narrow bandwidth selection(25KHZ/12.5KHZ)
21.Memory channels 999
22. Scan Mode
23. Tourling WAN Network Communication Mode
24. Tourling Repeater Mode
25. Receive frequency UHF350-390
26. FSK mode
27.2800mAh battery

Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHz/350-390Mhz
Antenna Loaded antenna
Antenna Impedance 50
Channel Number 999 Work Mode Same/different-frequency simplex
Voltage 8VDC
Operating Temperature -10°~+50db Size 132.7*56*36MM
Receiver Transmitter
Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHz/350-390Mhz
Frequency Range VHF:134-174MHz/350-390Mhz
Sensitivity ≤0.2uv RF Power 10W
Bandwidth 16KHZ Type of Modulation 16KF¢3E
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥65db Spurious RF component ≤7.5uW
Inter Modulation ≥55db Modulation noise <-40dB
Audio Power 1W Modulation distortion <5%
Audio Distortion ≤5% Maximum frequency offset ≤±5KHZ
Frequency margin 5ppm Emission current ≤2300mA
Receiving current Standby 80mA,Talking 220mA Audio Response +6~-14dB
Audio Response +7~-12.5dB Adjacent channel power +7~-12.5dB
Reference frequency 26.000MHZ Modulation sensitivity 8-12mv