199channels dual display two way radio SC-588

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Main Function
1.Frequency 400-520Mhz
2.5W PowerOutput
3. Single band ,Dual display;
4. 199channels
5. 1500mAhLi-ion Battery
6. LED display
7. Human voice broadcast and chords
8. Single Call,Group Call
9. Channels Name Edit
10.Chinese and English Voice Prompt
11.Scan Add, Scan Delete
12. High/Low Power Switch 
13. Low Battery warning
14.Programming frequency encryption function
15.VOX function,operation more convenient
16.0-9 Grades Squelch Level Setting
17.Monitor  function
18.Busy Channel Lockout
19.Power Saving Function
21.PC Software Programmable

Frequency Range 400-520MHz
Operating Temperature  -20℃ to +55℃
Frequency Combination  please lock frequency synthesize
Frequency Stability  ±2.5ppm
Memory Channel 199
Working voltage 7.2v DC
Antenna Impedance  50Ω
Operating Mode  simplex of co-frequency or alien
Dimensions 290*55*25mm
Weight  270g
Battery 1500mAh(Li-ion Battery))
RF power  ≤5W
Modulate Mode  F3E
Max.Freq.Deviation  ≤5KHz
Remain Wave Radiation  <-60dB
Transmitting Current  ≤1000mA
Channel spacing 12.5kHz/25kHz
FM distortion ≤5%
Residual FM -45dB/-35dB
Adjacent channel power -65dB/-55dB
Spurious and harmonic ≤-36dBm
Sensitivity  <0.20uV (12dB SINAD)  /0.15μV/0.18μV
Squeich Sensitivity  <0.20uV
Intermodulation  50dB
Audio Power output  500mW
Receiving Current  ≤100mA
Squelch Stangby  20mA
Rated audio distortion ≤5%
Spurious response suppression ≥60dB
Accessories list
Standard:Antenna/ Li-ion Battery / Adapter+ Charger/ Belt Clip
Optional:Headphones/ microphone/ programming cable